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 This service cleans the entire fuel system, including fuel injectors, valves & air intake throttle plate. It is designed to eliminate rough idle & hesitation, while restoring lost power, performance & proper fuel mileage.
  This service cleans the entire cooling system removing harmful rust & scale deposits that reduce system efficiency. Old coolant is removed & replaced with new coolant & the system is pressure tested & inspected for leaks.




 This service chemically cleans internal transmission components and uses patented hydraulic technology to safely remove & replace old contaminated fluid from the entire transmission including the valve body, torque converter and lines.
  This service safely removes & replaces old potentially contaminated brake fluid which help ensure safe operation & proper braking.



Keeping your wheels aligned will extend the life of your tires and even provide better gas mileage. Rotating and balancing your tires regularly will ensure even wear among your four tires. Our alignment checks are 100% free!
  This service chemically cleans internal power steering components removing harmful contaminants & debris. Old fluid is replaced with new fluid specially designed to prevent oxidation & wear, while ensuring proper operation.


 This service kills potentially harmful bacteria & mold within the heat &
air conditioning system that can cause unpleasant odors in the vehicle.

Services are dealer recommended based upon local driving conditions. All recommendations are meant to meet or exceed factory recommendations. Prices may vary & are subject to change without notice. Environmental fee & taxes are not included in prices. Diesels & synthetics are higher in price.
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Kia Service Specials

Rusty Wallace Kia Service Specials

Rusty Wallace Kia service specials you can count on to be among the best are offered with Morristown TN in mind. For Kia service specials, Johnson City and beyond, you can trust in the genuine parts and great value Kia repair specials Johnson City TN to see you through. That's because we are dedicated to the Johnson City area, and price our service, maintenance and Kia repairs accordingly.

The Rusty Wallace Kia service specials Kingsport TN enjoys from Rusty Wallace Kia Service Department reflect our knowledge of local drivers' needs. TN is our principal customer, so whether you're from Morristown, Johnson City, Kingsport, Greeneville or Bristol, we know what you need. Our service prices and technician care will find you Kia repair specials Johnson City TN can rely on to fit into their budget.

Kia Service Specials Johnson City

Rusty Wallace Kia is an expert in servicing Soul, Sportage, Forte, Rio, and Sedona. Kia repair specials Johnson City TN are designed to care for your budget and schedule. Fit Kia into your Johnson City TN lifestyle rather than the other way around. Make the most of your service value. We are the Kia experts here.

Kia Dealership with New and Used Kia Vehicles Serving:

Morristown, TN
Johnson City, TN
Johnson City, TN
Kingsport, TN
Greeneville, TN
Bristol, TN
Knoxville, TN
White Pine, TN
Bean Station, TN
Mooresburg, TN
Karns, TN

Schedule Kia Repair and Maintenance Services Including:

Kia Tire Repair
Kia Driveline Repair
Kia Radiator Repair
Kia Emission Repair
Kia Front End Alignment Repair
Kia Fuel System Injector Cleaning
Kia Oil Change Filter and Lube
Kia Timing Belts and Chains
Kia Steering Systems
Kia Shock Absorbers
Kia Shock Struts
Kia Headlights and Headlamps

Bring your pre-owned Kia to us for maintenance at Rusty Wallace Kia Service & Parts Department.

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Kia Service Specials Johnson City
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